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Neil Clayton Campbell


USA Weightlifting Level 1


Performance Enhancement Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

School of visual Arts | NYC

BFA Photography

Fitness in the City

Group Fitness Coach

California Referee School

Instructor/Off Ice Strength Coach

Training Out of:


My name is Neil and I'm from Aliso Viejo, California. I am currently living in Denver, Colorado exploring and creating a life of my own. I have a BFA in photography, am former AHL On-Ice Official, and have built a career in fitness.

Over the course of my life I have lived in 5 states, been to 44 and that alone has educated me in a humbling way. During those years on the road as a minor pro hockey official, I spent time self-educating, training, and working in various gyms pursuing a passion for movement.

I grew up playing sports such as hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and well, all the others too. During high school I began to struggle with social anxiety and depression but luckily found expressive outlets in football, photography, and music. Over the years those outlets evolved into various forms of therapy, meditation, art, and movement. All of which became fundamental in my work towards strength, health, and happiness. 

I have a crippling relationship with fear, failing and being seen as weak, and so I constantly have to challenge myself to step up and outside my comfort zones, take risks, and be vulnerable. It's at these moments I have gratefully found most of my successes. 

I started a men’s group in 2023, simply because I found it hard to meet and make friends with other men. I didn’t have many myself at the time and I wanted to create a space in which ALL men could feel safe to connect and be themselves and form some friendships. It has been a year now and I, along with others, have created something very special and powerful.  

I see potential in others much more than I see it in myself and find such satisfaction when I see others realize their own strengths and capabilities within themselves. I want to help you to see Yours.


It’s more than just a workout. And I’m more than just a trainer. 

Let’s get Together, & find out what you're capable of!

Denver , CO

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